April 4, 2006


Dear Kathy,


What a privilege to read your book as an insider. What a generous inscription! “Educating Kathy”—I love the idea, and I’m touched by the ways you continue to honor everyone who has helped you along the way. Victor’s foreword is just right for your topic and for the reminder of the many ways we are all connected.


I’m very impressed by your work and your vision. This is such an important book, and I feel sure you will be speaking and writing in this area for years to come. There are so many stories still out there, and new generations of children growing up in Appalachian culture. I think I told you I saw the documentary “Country Boys” on PBS—and I thought of your study the whole time.


You’ve made a lasting mark on the profession. I’ve learned so much from you, and I treasure our friendship.


Thanks for sending this wonderful book!






Dr. Carole Bencich

Professor Emeritus

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Former Dissertation Director